Invisalign is a modern, removable orthodontic system that uses clear aligners rather than conventional braces and wires.  It's an affordable and convenient solution for straightening your teeth.

At 04 Dental you can get custom aligners made to your unique case.



Invisible braces differ from traditional braces that use wires in several ways. The two most significant differences being that they are invisible and removable.

Invisible aligners are custom made for your teeth. When you insert your aligners, they will gently pressure your teeth in a more desirable position.

You will have to wear a series of aligner tray sets. Each aligner is custom made so your teeth will be slightly straighter than the previous tray. Each tray will typically move your teeth 1/10mm towards their optimal position.

Invisalign Pros and Cons


- Invisible

The popularity of Invisalign trays is mainly because they are invisible. When facing a decision between braces and Invisalign, people tend to choose Invisalign because it is a see-through aligner that is not readily noticeable.

If your child faces some ridicule at school because they are wearing braces, the low-profile appearance of Invisalign can be particularly beneficial.

- Removable

Another prominent benefit of Invisalign trays is that they are removable. Eating while wearing braces can be a challenge, and cleaning them after a meal can be equally tricky.

With Invisalign, you can easily and quickly take them out of your mouth, eat your meal, brush, and floss, and put them back. Removing and inserting your Invisalign trays takes a few seconds, and since they have a smooth surface, the aligners are easy to clean as well.

- Comfortable

Metallic braces are uncomfortable, especially if there is a poking wire or loose bracket. Braces and wires that rub on soft tissue in your mouth can also be a source of irritation and sores.

According to several Invisalign reviews, if you are wearing Invisalign, you will likely forget that you have them in after a while.


- Plaque Accumulation

When wearing Invisalign trays, it is essential to clean your teeth and trays after every meal. If you don’t pay attention to your oral hygiene, your aligners can result in plaque accumulation and, ultimately, dental cavities.

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Invisalign is one of the most effective solutions available to people with crooked teeth. If you live in Austin and need help with your crooked teeth, 04 Dental can help.

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